How To Find Lost Android Phone


hey, What’s Up guys Today I am going to teach you how to find Your lost android device.

  Which Things Needed?

  1. Your Google Account Which Has signed In your lost device.
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Any Device PC/Laptop/Android


Let’s Come To the actual point Without wasting Before Starting the tutorial one thing you need to know that the whole thing which I have discussed below only works when Your lost Android device has Internet Connection with Old data, which means If someone steals your phone and Hard reset your device then this tricks will not works.


Open Any Browser On your PC / laptop / Phone. Go to “” search Android device manager If you haven’t found a link just “tap here”. now Sign In with your old Google account which has your lost phone. After that, a dashboard will appear then select your lost device.

If your device is Online means connected to the Internet and also enabled  Location it’s a very good symbol for you.

you can find your device easily just refresh your device and tap on the map Boom you will see the current location on your lost device.

If Your device Not enabled Gps but connected to the Internet then you have 3 option to find out your lost device


It helps to find your lost device by Ringing means when click on ‘Play Sound’ your device will automatically Ring remotely.


Here you can add your details ‘Recovery Massage’ and ‘Phone’ Which appears on your lost device.


Erase your lost device data easily just a single click. If your Data is more priority than your device so this feature is may helpful for you.

so that’s all for today – Sahil from ToptechWeb Signing Out


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