Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 Possiblities 8K Gaming In-Depth Review

what’s up guys here TopTechWeb, so can you game in 8k, and would you even really want to

that’s the question that I’m going to try to answer with this Blog.

which you guys know what that means uh

this Blog is gonna be 8k what the whole thing yeah the whole thing.

it’s going to be rough on the processing but

hey we’re doing it look with all the hype about these consoles though with the ps5 coming out with the Xbox series and I’ve done Blog about both of them.

this sort of conversation started to drum up again

where did the pc games really do that much more than console games?

can these new consoles essentially be pc gaming and you wouldn’t be crazy to think that

by the way, a lot of what we’ve seen with the new consoles.

as people try to decide which one to upgrade to have shown a lot a pretty big generational leap

and so we’re impressed with that but

that’s when the pc gaming community gets

in my ear and they’re like hey TopTechweb look that’s cool and everything but

the real power still comes from the real computer.

so of course this wouldn’t be a TopTechWeb Blog on 8k gaming without a little bit of an exclusive.

so this is the first time anyone’s the new Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090.

so this is the highest end in Nvidia’s new 3000 series.

it’s a gigantic huge graphics card uh but this is the top of their new lineup and this is capable of things.

that no new console will even really be able to touch, of course we’re talking about 8k gaming

now of course frame rate is king and I’ve said that myself I said that in Xbox Blog.

but if you want to maximize detail and immersion in every possible way in this gaming world you also need high resolution and so

that’s why we’re trying to answer.

the question can you even game right now in 8k and if anything can do it.

this can now you may remember an older a video where I did try to game in 8k that was three years ago believe it or

not and looking back.

it was worth a shot we had the dell 8k monitor.

we had a powerful computer but there were a lot of workarounds happening for

one you needed two cables from the computer to the monitor,

and it was stitching the whole thing together and when we finally got it running,

I mean it ran at 8k technically but you saw the footage it wasn’t amazing.

but now it’s 2020.

so we’ve got to step our game up like Mr beast would want us to

so remember this is the 88-inch 8k OLED tv from that dope tech video it’s

back and the main gear has also stepped up their game so this is their f-131 so this is their custom computer.

basically built around 3090.

so if the 3090 is as Nvidia says built for 8k gaming then the rest of this computer’s got to be built for 8k

gaming too and it is so intel core i9 10900k so that’s 10 cores 3.7 gigahertz base clock.

turboing up to

5.3 gigahertz you got 32 gigs of fast. hyperx fury ram in here. an MSI mpg z490 gaming motherboard. they’re always great with names.

and then a terabyte Samsung name SSD. the 970 pro is the boot drive and then. there’s another two terabyte SSD for.

mass storage you know for stuff you don’t need to access quite as quickly so it’s all in a custom.

built aluminum chassis the matte black outside the tinted glass and the side panel.

this thing means business well not. the business i mean unless. unless 8k gaming is your business then that’s a. pretty sweet business anyway let’s get into it,

also don’t worry this isn’t a. review. of the new card there are no benchmarks in this video this is just about 8k gaming.

but I’m sure we’ll have all of that and more very soon. when the Linus tech tips video and the hardware connects videos drop the matter of fact I’ll link both of those below,

when they do actually drop their videos about the card because I’m sure people are interested in that but also I think it’s pretty safe to say. this card will probably crush synthetic.

benchmarks. all right so we got a little setup going. here the main gear computer. on the desk next to me and the 8k tv . in front of me i want to show you guys.

something really quick though so on this. built for 8k  graphics card it’s got HDMI 2.1 ports as I talked about and that’s what enables that single cable to do 8k out and this is the HDMI cable.

we’re using and uh if you look at it it’s a little thicker it’s a little more averse to like bending but this is the type of cable you’ll need to get 8k through a single cable to the tv.

and now if I go ahead on the desktop and check out display settings you can see. there you go 76.80 by 4320  is the resolution we’re getting so we’re. ready to play alright.

so we got a few games installed and I want to play first. one I want to show is Forza horizon 4.

I’ve been a driving game type of person for a long time sports games and driving games.

but I’m pretty sure seeing all the detail of the map and the car in a driving game is gonna be a major advantage to having this many pixels and there’s this pretty sweet demo mode.

that we’ll go through that has like four different seasons and a bunch of different cars and it’s a pretty sweet demo okay.

so now we’re in the game and I have the controller actually connected this intro though I think when they make these they don’t render these at 8k.

so, this is less than 8k I think this is either 4k or maybe 1080p, it doesn’t look as good as 8k gaming.

that’s all for today,

signing out peace.

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